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SourceLink 2016, the leading Document Management Solution in QuickBooks

Standard Edition: Use Turbo Folder to automatically file, name, store, and streamline workflow as you go paperless (includes all Plus Ed. features).

Management Edition: Monitor, secure, and control Quickbooks usage with all the document management features (includes all Standard Ed features).

Added Reference Info of SourceLink Document Management Practice

From $229

From $299

Unlimited management rules


Improved TurboFolder record filter

Improved TurboFolder viewer interface

 Improved ScanWriter support

Improved link marker

Auto-sync feature between SourceLink Toolbar and QuickBooks

Improved Search/Report feature

Improved SourceLink Toolbar

Stop unauthorized QuickBooks
checks from printing
Stop disapproved Bill and
Billpayment Checks from
Customize management rules for
Journal Entries
Multilevel approvals with conditions  
TurboFolder Viewer outside of
QuickBooks with DMS.
Attach files directly from Outlook and
Web Bases programs
Search MyNotes for key phrases
Retrieve function to improve user
Show related transactions with print
Advance folder set up per transaction
Route deleted files to a folder
View list of QB records with link file
with print/email option.
Hot key to automatically pull up
SourceLink window.
Email MyNotes contents with linked
file and QB record.
Folder structure filter by date,
amount, paid status.
Send a Request for Approval on 26
different QB record types
Set custom conditions to automate
request for Approval
Approve or deny pending requests  
Use Email to send requests for
View History of all Requests/
Approvals/ Denials for a QB record
View Exception Report of all
Automatic folder set-up consisten
with QuickBooks
Automated document filing/naming
based on QB record
View document folder structure
directly in QB
Email and print from folder structure
Automatic filing structure (Turbo
Back up and restore configuration
along with QB company
Email all links with QB record
File and retrieve source files directly
from 26 QB Records
Attach electronic sticky notes to 26
QB record types
Scan and attach documents directly
from QB record
Integrated into QuickBooks menu
Use Windows file system (no private
proprietary file system)
Move and copy documents to and
from designated location
Attach Web links to QB Record types
Create immediate action items (Hot
 Fully integrate toolbar
 SourceLink drop down menu
 Show Related Entity/Items
 Drag/Drop linking feature
 Enhanced Link from Outlook
link from all emails
 Added SSL email connection to
link from all emails
 SourceLink prompt for 'Deposit'
 Search by 'Paid' or 'Not Paid'
invoices or bills
 Save TurboScan parameters
 Support multiple versions of QB

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From $229

From $299


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